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More sales, more traffic, and more leads, all come from brand awareness. If they don’t know you, they won’t buy or work with you. At The DG Agency, we help businesses and celebrities, harness the power of social media marketing and advertising.


If you don’t get in front of your audience, your competitor will.

Have you ever heard the saying, “Go where your customers are”? Well, by 2020 there will be nearly 2.95 billion users on social media.

The truth is: If you’re not one of those savvy business owners utilizing social media, chances are you’re missing out on countless paying customers that need your product or service. Your customers are already on social media, and your competitors are talking to them at this very moment.

It’s time to keep up with the market and ditch outdated advertising methods that bring little to no results. It’s time you meet your customers where they are; on social media.


Powerful, results driven advertising.

Have you ever gone to Amazon to look at a product, went to another website, then BAM! You see that same product? That could be you and your business.

Let our team show you how to run an effective Facebook and Google ad campaign that targets prospects based on age, gender, location, interests, what posts and pages they have “liked”, and more.

Explode your brand awareness with super-targeted ad campaigns that will put your business in front of thousands of individuals that are looking for your products and services.